BTS bighit Trainwreck is a full spectrum kratom strain. Many kratom takers


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Trainwreck is a potent Sativa-Dominant Hybrid bred from Mexican and Thai Sativas with Afghani Indicas. The joining of both strains is evident in Trainwreck’s unique sweet aromatic lemon and heavy pine scent. The taste of Trainwreck is slightly acidic with bursts of fruity flavors and a faint hint of chile.

Medicinal: Trainwrecks high THC content effectively slices through migraines, pain, and arthritis. Many patients also use it for relief of anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD.



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Trainwreck(500mg  is an extremely potent sativa. The effects of Trainwreck are fast-acting and euphoric. The flavor is earthy, pine, and pungent and gives feelings of happiness, relaxation, and creativity.

FRAGRANCE: Earth, floral, pine

EFFECTS: Happy, relaxed, inspired, rush of adrenaline coupled with a soothing sensation

Although the list of health-beneficial components of Cannabis is quite extensive, for decades its name was primarily associated to the psychotropic effects of the THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. However in recent years, another Cannabis active ingredient took over the spotlight completely: Cannabidiol, or the CBD.

Numerous scientific researches that shared a light upon compelling therapeutic properties of CBD brought about the demand to create Cannabis Strains rich in CBD and low levels, or completely lacking the THC component. Thus a premium natural source of health was created, and the one that would not get you all hooped up along the way.

This purposely cultivated, organic product made of carefully selected specific Cannabis Strain profiles deliver tangible results in fighting number of medical problems such as inflammation processes, insomnia, help treat depression and anxiety while improving the bodily motoric functions and enhance mood, the list is long.

Our naturally grown, premium products do not contain added substances like Vegetable Glycerin (cv), Propylene

ycol (PG) or MCT, and are legal in all 50 states (containing no THC), and are tested at third party labs

Trainwreck (500mg

Trainwreck is a full spectrum kratom strain. Many kratom takers might get confused about this term and don’t know exactly what to expect from a strain like this. In physics, full spectrum refers to a large range of colors. The meaning of that with kratom is, you can expect to get a mix of different veined kratom leaves. This facilitates a comprehensive assortment of all the alkaloids from the mitrgyna speciosa plant. Trainwreck is a unique blend that’s commited to giving you an exceptional experience that you will not forget for a lifetime.

This strain is a more powerful version of the Maeng Da Kratom blends and goes through the same selective breeding process.

When you want a more relaxed feeling, something to help ease your pain, or even help you lose a few pounds, then this is the strain for you.

This is one of the most effective Kratom strains we carry.

There is a high concentration of alkaloids which provides pain relief, stimulation, and a lightening of your mood. It has also shown to give an increase in energy while maintaining focus.

When you are out and about through your day, you can be more in the moment. Don’t feel like your on auto-pilot and enjoy the small things more with this blend.

Help with those fast racing thoughts that tend to happen throughout the day when we are multitasking.

The sstrain is the perfect strain for that hard working and dedicated person.

The person looking for that extra edge to get ahead of the competition.

If your looking to take advantage of every waking hour in the day, with great focus and awareness from an all natural product then give this strain a try

Trainwreck (500mg

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