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Perfect for micro-dosing. These hybrid gummies produce an awesome yet functional high. At 5mg per piece, whether you want to take the edge off of your day or get into a creative vibe, these are your gems. Each low-calorie gummy is made from scratch with natural, kosher ingredients and infused with carefully sourced top shelf flower.

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Buy Sour Blueberry Gummies Online

sour blueberry gummies Meet the latest member of the PLUS™ family! When a touch of elevation is all you need, Create gummies are the ultimate dosable solution. These low-calorie gummies are infused with hybrid flower and contain approximately 1.5 mg CBD and 3.5 mg THC. Gluten-free and made of kosher ingredients, our tangy Sour Blueberry gummies help give your mood a boost and get those creative juices flowing

Sour Blueberry Gummies Online

sour blueberrry gummies When a touch of elevation is all you need, Sour Blueberry Gummies from PLUS are the ultimate doseable solution. Reach for these delicious gummies whenever you need to give your mood a boost and get those creative juices flowing. PLUS believes great products begin with great sourcing, from the highest quality extracts paired with carefully selected ingredients. The final result is consistent, fast-acting, delicious edibles. 20 servings per container. Each low-calorie serving contains 5mg THC from hybrid flower. Made from kosher ingredients. Ingredients: Gelatin (not vegetarian), glucose, cannabis, sodium, citric acid, tartaric acid, xylitol, natural flavors and colors. Dietary information: gluten-free.

Our Hemp Gummies are a Wana Wellness customer favorite, and the devotion is understandable. After all, gummies are a tasty and straightforward way to get all the benefits of Wana’s broad-spectrum hemp oil, which contains naturally occurring CBD and essential terpenes.

Our Hemp Tinctures are a contemporary take on the ancient practice of herbal extraction. Crafted with broad-spectrum hemp oil containing naturally occurring CBD, and supplemented with functional ingredients like melatonin (in our Rest tincture), Wana Wellness Hemp Tinctures are ideal for fast-acting herbal relief

Plus’ Sour Blueberry Balance Gummies are sweet and satisfying edibles that deliver a THC-heavy dose. A few gummies will likely provide a happily relaxed high, but it can come at the cost of dry mouth. These are good to keep on the coffee table for your next evening of Netflix and quality time, but a single dose can also make a subtle mood-booster when you’re on the go.






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