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THC: 40%
CBD: 1%

EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Tingly, Uplifted, Euphoric
MEDICAL Stress, Depression, Pain, Muscle Spasm, Loss of Appetite
NEGATIVES Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy, Headache
FLAVORS Skunk, berry, blueberry


  • 1 oz
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buy Skunkberry online

buy Skunkberry online Skunkberry is an rare and exotic hybrid cross of the classic strains Skunk, and Blueberry. While its parent strains may seem generic, or boring to some, the product of the genetic crossing of these two strains ends up creating one of the most wonderfully complex and beautiful flowers available on the market. It is unknown who the original breeders of this strain are, but it is certain that they must of had potency in mind when attempting to create this new strain.


Skunkberry is known for its absolutely ridiculous THC percentage – which has been known to be as high as 40%! On average, the THC levels of our Skunkberry range from 18-22%, easily proving to be one of the most potent strains we have ever, ever come across. As a 50/50 hybrid, derived from the fruity Blueberry and pungent Skunk, the effects of this strain are rather complex. The high begins as a euphoric and happy heady high, followed by a very intense and relaxing body high. The cerebral buzz and uplifting nature of this strain make it great for the treatment of clinical depression and anxiety. The sedative, healing effects of this strain also make it great for dealing with physical pains and ailments, fatigue, and lack of appetite. In general, Skunkberry is a versatile, all-around strain, recommended for either day-time or night-time usage.

Appearance & Aroma

Skunkberry can be classified as an exotic AAA+ strain solely off of its looks alone. The dense, cone-shaped buds are absolutely covered in a thick golden layer of THC trichomes. Bright green flowers are contrasted by deep, purple leaves to create an absolutely stunning flower. What makes Skunkberry very different from many strains is the aroma – a perfect, DANK mixture of a pungent Skunk-like essence with sweet notes of berries, and lemons. The taste and smoke of this strain is smooth, with flavours of berries and lemon zest on the exhale.


Novice smokers or those who are particularly sensitive need to be very careful with this strain, as it’s prone to inducing some strong psychoactive effects which can lead to hallucinations. Initially, users will feel an uplifted and euphoric high that lends itself to creative or social pursuits. Don’t be surprised if you come down with a case of the giggles as the high kicks into full gear. As you begin to experience its indica side, you’ll feel incredibly relaxed and get both the munchies and a case of couch-lock. Skunkberry is best used at night time or even right before bed because of its strong sedating effect. A full mind and body high make Skunkberry an awesome choice for those with chronic pain, as you feel waves of pain relief wash over you soon after taking a hit. Individuals with depression and anxiety could benefit from this strain in small doses, and your appetite will be boosted with ease even if you have trouble keeping food down. Expect your high to last several hours, as Skunkberry takes you on a ride that eventually ends at a place of calm sleep.  Skunkberry is grown from clones and will do well both indoors or outside. Plants won’t get overly large, so even those with smaller grow spaces can take advantage of this harvest. Flowering time is around 9 weeks or so, and you’ll be gifted with a potent smell and tons of trichome covered buds.

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38 reviews for buy Skunkberry online

  1. eli

    So GOOD! definitely enjoyed this strain. The aroma was amazing and definitely made me relax.

  2. frank

    Was very uhh you know ahhh shit u know im jhi like yea moe and i just wanna say yea doe but stop playin wit me before i have to do that to you yea moe

  3. reymond

    Not my cup of tea. This is a thinking man’s strain. I really enjoy relaxing, psychedelic strains the most and this strain actually hyped me up a bit. I don’t smoke in the day, but this would be a really good strain to choose if you chose to. For now it is going on the back shelf.

  4. peter

    This bud is too bomb!! It smells like a fresh batch of grape blueberry lollipops and tastes just as great! The high isn’t too heavy, but my eyes were so low my eyelashes were blocking my view lol

  5. tracy

    The kind of high I look for! Love it

  6. Khaali

    Totally relaxing, I let my buddy make the judgement call for it and turned out great. Was nice to lay down in a euphoric state and felt totally relaxed and pain free

  7. Daniel Jones

    Not my cup of tea. This is a thinking man’s strain. I really enjoy relaxing, psychedelic strains the most and this strain actually hyped me up a bit. I don’t smoke in the day, but this would be a really good strain to choose if you chose to. For now it is going on the back shelf.

  8. douplex

    This multiple award winning Hybrid had 20% THC. The smell & taste was pungent but, a beautiful berry/blueberry with skunk. Hard buds, hunter green in color with light brown pistils. Buds covered in fine white hairs & trichomes. Effects were uplifted, happy, & relaxed. No extreme up/down effects with this Hybrid, it is pretty level not taking me to high or to low. My strain was by Bloom Flowers…..Happy Sedation 🙂

  9. achille

    This one is great at lifting the mood as much as relieving stress & pain. I found it particularly good after a hard day of dragging like a ball and chain was attached to both legs. Very uplifting. I enjoy it best laying down.

  10. ben

    Skunkberry is one of my favorites strain great high no coach look i can work all day on it. Really great tasteing terps i recommend this to any one that in mmj patine

  11. alex

    Kind Love Dispensary in Denver had some amazing Skunkberry. Best tasting strain I’ve ever tried for our generation, I’m 23 and I’ve been timing about 8 years now to whom it may concern, and this tops over blueberry alone, lemon, mango, all of it, it’s a sweet berry taste with beautiful average to small size crystal covered buds, Whenever and where ever the time you’d crack your top, you’re bound to see a cartoon skunk and a basket of Blueberries. Top 10 favorites hands down

  12. nelly

    deep and fruity… great for late nite creative

  13. hilman

    This bud is too bomb!! It smells like a fresh batch of grape blueberry lollipops and tastes just as great! The high isn’t too heavy, but my eyes were so low my eyelashes were blocking my view lol

  14. johnny

    By far the best smelling strain I ever smelt. Fresh blueberry pie out of the oven. Nice and strong while well balanced. Long lasting. Will be a favorite for a long time.

  15. jawckim

    Great uplifting high. Amazing for after work… This strain really helped my sore muscles at the end of a long day.

  16. Barry R Miller

    just bought some bomb skunkberry from lightshade from the illif store nice dense buds 17 % thc grabed a 1/8 24 otd had this once befor in 2015 when visiting Denver now i live here

  17. malanie

    A must try for anyone who enjoys a great mellow high and really helps relieve my pain from arthritis. Tastes fabulous and smells great. The berry flavor really comes thru during exhale and lingers on your taste buds for sometime after. Awesome strain

  18. richad

    Skunk is one of my favorites, uplifting,energetic, and creative. Can use for daytime rid you of pain.. running in the mid 20s for thc will satisfy those that are more tolerant. Reef did a great job on this one.

  19. desmond

    The smell of Skunk Berry is wonderfully berryful. I myself am a pretty big fan of Blueberry, make this strain already interesting to me. When I got my batch of Skunk Berry I did notice that it did seem like a rather plain strain & had no real extraordinary appeal to the look of it, however the smell conquers the stoners nose with an overwhelming berry aroma. It’s berry nice. The high is very mellow and happy going. Makes you feel on the up & up while making pain diminish.

  20. vane

    Overall I was nervous. I allowed the gentleman to give his opinion and I went with it. Sitting here now I’m and beyond satisfied. Very swell taste he has!! I haven’t really reached my state of totally relaxation yet since my stay here in this beautiful state until I took the time to enjoy a pre-rolled Skunkberry. WOW! I love it. It’s incredibly relaxing. Great buzz! I’m thankful I trusted my bud-tender!!! Thanks man!! Thanks Lightshade Holly!! #beyondsatisfied

  21. brandon

    I love it it taste like all discount from the green triangle night dance birds break up really nice goes a long way nice body and head high I really am enjoying the strain

  22. vivian

    Nice smell and taste, thick smoke, good buzz

  23. chriss

    So my lovely wife and I made a recent trip to Vegas and one of our first stops was Essence Dispensary. We were looking for a couple indica leaning prerolls to sample during our week-long stay and Michelle recommended this as well as King Louis VIII. We took her advise and went with her recommendations. Our King Louis VIII review will come at a later date. The aroma from the Skunkberry was just as one would imagine…it was pretty stout and boasted of good things to come. It was loud but not as over-powering as the Lemon Skunk we’ve sampled. You could tell it was going to be a bit sweet tasting just from inhaling the unlit preroll. True to form, when we lit up it had a distinct sweet taste. We both took 4 decent rips, which is all either of us really needed at over 20% thc level. Our Skunkberry was cured almost to perfection The draw was extremely smooth and the burn turned to a nice white ash. Shortly after our 4th hits, we both felt an immediate rush to the brain which had us a bit giggly. A little bit later a very chill body buzz snuck in and had us both floating. When we dropped off to sleep…neither of us hardly moved during the night…a definite winner for a great night’s sleep. Skunkberry would be a solid choice if you find it on the shelves of your local dispensary.

  24. katerin

    This is one of my favorite hybrids. The blueberry attributes are very prevalent, Skunkberry has a great relaxing feeling and definitely helps with any pain you may have, and it does not make you feel too sleepy. It’s a great after workout smoke. I really enjoy smoking this at the end of the day as a precursor to smoking before bed. It has an amazing body and head high. Kinda like being bathed solar radiation.

  25. bazil

    Soft mellow strain not as strong. The kind of strain that eases you in without a bang. Complete pain removal. Munchies to be expected quite the strain to smoke and watch tv.

  26. reymond

    This strain has a mild euphoria accompanied by a head high that slowly gathers intensity and evens out as you continue to smoke. It’s is not harsh on the lungs and although the body high isn’t intense it will gradually creeps up on you, you’ll feel your chest as if it were lighter and your muscles throughout your legs loosen and stretch out comfortably. With little to know paranoia this strain would be good for exercise, physical work, or staying home on the couch watching t.v. or playing video games. Decent strain props to the hybrid.

  27. Elizabeth

    It is just what I needed. The mental stimuli was perfect. The relaxing physical qualities accent this strain nicely.

  28. dray

    Amazing way to ease stress when going through tough times. Also awesome bud tenders and service at iliff and Buckley lightshade labs.

  29. angella

    The smell is absolutely breathtaking and the taste is even better. The very interesting side effect of this strain? Amnesia. For those who want or need to forget something serious, this strain is for you. If you need your memory intact, don’t smoke this!!

  30. Veronica

    The fruity stank on this bud is one of the very first noticeable characteristics you will encounter, and may even be the reason for choosing this strain. Skunkberry is very inquisitive as it tends to bring out your inner astrologer with a creative head high that can be very enlightening. With that being said, I do believe this same head high can have opposite negative effects for those who may be depressed or just genuinely sad, as it does get your thoughts going. For the occasional smoker, the body high that follows may include a good relaxing nap. This is a good chill hybrid that is very enjoyable to smoke and experience, with a perfectly timed high that is truly satisfying. Berry never skunk so good!

  31. carine

    oh man.. this smells like blue if blue had a flavor haha.. great buds all over and has that danky smell. this one keeps me going throughout the day and ready for more. awesome taste with a hint of berry haha

  32. alexer

    I really enjoyed this super mellow, deliciously smelly strain. You can really smell the skunk and the blueberry, and the taste of the smoke is pure blue cheese. The effects are not horribly strong but still quite enjoyable. I think this would be a good strain for a mellow outdoor activity, like a picnic in the mountains or something equally lazy.

  33. dima

    I suffer from vomiting and severe daily nausea, one tiny dab of skunkberry and I stopped puking and regained my appetite and I was able to fall asleep. Helps with my thyroid autoimmune diseases as well as pain.

  34. micheal moorgan

    🥀🧀 Skunkberry is quite possibly the most appropriately named strain ever. It smells exactly like it’s name. Perfect mix of ‘skunk’ and ‘berry’. This delicious hybrid offers a very uplifting and relaxing effects. Smooth on the inhale, this strain is an all around treat. This strain will not ruin your day by any means, but will allow you to coast on cruise control all day with a smile on your face. I love this strain and as a massive fan of anything skunky or cheesy, this is quickly becoming on of my favorites! Greenway Medical did a fine job with this one. b-Caryophyllene: 1.264 mg/g, b-Myrcene: 4.679 mg/g, Limonene: 0.312 mg/g, Linalool: 0.872 mg/g.

  35. Tillyseed

    This review is on Skunkberry sugar wax by Craft. C.O. The terp profile on this strain is beautiful. It’s rare that wax has this strong of an odor, but fresh blueberry and you guessed it skunk fills the room when it’s left opened. What really threw me off about this strain was I expected a much stronger emphasis on the sativa genetics while this strain was very much indica dominant. 2/3 times dabbing this it flat knocked me out during the middle of the day. Once I accepted this was best used for pain relief, stress, and sleep I really enjoyed myself. Maybe the flower version is easier going during the day but the concentrated version is pretty heavy stuff. I’d call it 70/30 Indica, and a nice twist on two classics. 9/10

  36. carlson

    AMAZING SCENT AND TERP PROFILE. My review is based on the Skunkberry flower. The name matches the taste just as well as it does the pungent smell. Other fruit strands fall WAY short of Skunkberry, as it truely delivers the flavors and aroma suggested by the name, but in a potency unexpected by the user. I usually dont do reviews but this strain has inspired me and I am proud to call it my new favorite.

  37. stephen

    a decent hybrid for chilling. provided a gentle high with a kind of spaced out feeling. the come down leaves me feeling relaxed and a little burned out. an evening smoke when you’re done for the day. for me, it’s s bit too spacey of a high for me to be productive or concentrate

  38. kelvine

    Smells soooo yummy and immensely helps with my anxiety/depression. Perfect hybrid. just what I needed A+ would recommend to a friend 🙂

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