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Buy Milk Chocolate Online There’s a reason why chocolates are many’s


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Meticulously crafted from the purest ingredients, our classic milk chocolate bar has hints of brown butter and a silky, creamy finish. This chocolate is ideal for cannabis patients with a love for chocolate and a refined palate.
Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk, Unsweetened Chocolate, Lecithin (Sunflower and/or Soya), Vanilla), Cannabis Extract.
Allergy Warning: Contains Milk. May Contain Traces of Nuts.
*Available in California in 100MG potency, Nevada in 40MG potency, and Arizona in 180MG potency.
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Buy Milk Chocolate Online

buy milk choolateon line Ooty Homemade Plain Milk chocolate basically contains cocoa solids and is made primarily of cocoa butter, sugar and milk.

the milk chocolate is believed to protect against sunburns as the pores open up and the excess water content is let out, helps improve blood flow to the skin and in addition hydrates the skin.

Milk Chocolate

buy milk choolate online There’s a reason why chocolates are many’s favourite snacks. Eating chocolates can help to release endorphin, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin – the happiness quartet that boosts our mood.

Cadbury is best recognised by its purple packaging that wraps up a milk chocolate bar. Originally from the UK, Cadbury has produced a plethora of milk chocolate bars

fruit & nut, caramel, and black forest. Since chocolates are popular gifts for special occasions in Singapore, Cadbury offers gift customisation that allows you to personalise chocolate sleeve as well as design the gift pack with name and image

Hailing all the way from Switzerland, Lindt is a chocolatier that’s most well-known for their smooth,

melting chocolate truffles named Lindor, elegant dark chocolate bars Excellence, as well as creamy milk chocolate bars Classic Recipe.

Step up your chocolate game by using Lindt chocolates in baked goods or sweets. For sweets, you can melt Lindt chocolate into a dip texture to pair with strawberries and marshmallows, or drizzle it on top of a cake, fresh cream, or ice-cream.

Milk Chocolate

Judging by the name on first impression, it might not sound like a chocolate brand. The name ‘sport’ is derived from Clara Ritter’s idea of designing chocolate bars into a square size so they can fit in the pocket of a gentleman’s

sports jacket without breaking. Each square chocolate bar weighs 100g and is divided into 16 smaller squares, forming a 4 x 4 pattern.  of Ritter Sport include dark

A crunchy hazelnut as the core, wrapped by hazelnut filling and a crisp wafer shell coated with chocolate and tiny hazelnut pieces. Packaged with a golden wrapper,

a brown paper cup underneath, and an oval-shaped Ferrero Rocher logo sticker placed on top as a finish. Over the years, the iconic golden packaging that exudes luxury and indulgence has never changed.

The brand’s chocolates are highly sought after for their affordable pricing – some even upcycle the plastic containers into jewellery boxes. Today, Ferrero Rocher remains a



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