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THC: 21%
CBD: 0%

EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Giggly, Uplifted, Euphoric
MEDICAL Stress, Depression, Pain, Muscle Spasm, Loss of Appetite
NEGATIVES Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy, Headache.
FLAVORS Mango, Tropical, Sweet.
  • 1 oz
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Mango Kush

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5 reviews for Buy Mango Kush Online

  1. annafaith01

    I prefer this strain in flower over concentrate. The high hit stronger rolled up versus the vape. This strain gives me the giggles. I’ll sit there smiling over dumb shit

  2. kaitlynhahs

    This makes it hard to think. I feel kind of stupid. Doesn’t make me feel tired. Makes my eyes feel dry and red. I feel hungry. I feel like i could smoke a couple bowls of this and work. I feel forgetful.

  3. juhlane

    Ok I’m not the most avid smoker I just recently started smoking again and this was the first strain I tried when I got back into it(before I never really knew what I smoked i just smoked what my friends did). I highly recommend this strain it is absolutely amazing, but I only recommend this strain if your gonna be inside your house chilling because I shared half a 1 1/4 joint with a friend and the sativa was there for a good 30 minutes and then it sent me into a fever dream like state where I would be in and out of like an intense focus on something and then I’d come back for a few minutes and it loopss until I passed out 3 hours later and slept like a ducking log.

  4. rufknkdnme

    Very potent. Hit this twice off a vaporizer at a dinner party and passed on the third and fourth rounds cause i was already good. Nice sativa start put me in a great mood, lots of laughs but didn’t get stupid. Found myself focused on a friend breaking down a great business idea. Indica finish, with a mellow couch lock for the remainder of the night. Alcohol friendly has no side effects with shots.

  5. SchnitzelKush

    I think this strain is pretty good, it’s pretty neutral in terms of moods (up/down). It had me feeling really level-headed. Only thing I didn’t like was post coming down felt like I got hit with bricks.

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