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THC: 40%
CBD: 1%

EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted, Hungry
MEDICAL Stress, Depression, Pain, Nausea, Insomnia
NEGATIVES Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy, Headache
FLAVORS Earthy Spicy, Flowery/Herbal
  • 1 oz
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Hash Plant

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7 reviews for Buy Hash Plant Online

  1. hdbmcnfc

    I really enjoy this sativa strain. it calms but helps me focus without anxiety. it doesn’t make me sleepy so is good for daytime use. euorpria doesn’t last longer than an hour so this is like having a morning coffee or red bell boost. enjoy the calming effects without feeling sleepy.

  2. kdgvdh

    Nice and very uplifting strain, but not good for working, because of this.

  3. high

    Power Plant is my favorite daytime use. I have extreme chronic pain from fibromalgia and it allows me to stay clear headed and reduced my pain significantly. I also feel energized from both the strain and reduction in pain. What amazed me about this strain is how clear headed it is and how clear my vision becomes. It has been the best strain for me. I can be in 7-9 level pain and feel an immediate and significant reduction in pain. Downsides. You end up gabbing like a 13 year old juinior highschool girl. Which can be good or bad depending on the work environment. Other than that, focus tends to float from task to task and is helpful to use todo lists, etc. when on the strain to help with focus.

  4. Sol_train

    First tried on 5/7/20 and really enjoyed the results. It’s a good one for focusing without anxiety. Bought more and this is now one of my favs.

  5. 523gdj

    Very good strain

  6. blow

    I’ve been smoking w33d since I was 13 and smoking habitually and chronically since I was 16. Started discovering and researching different strains with alot of focus by 26. I’m now 36. About a month ago someone randomly had this strain and shared a lil stash to take home. . . Went to a small cookout at my cousins, and he, his mother n law and me “went to the store”😅 Each took 2 hits and BEEEWWWP! BOOM! …..That cookout was a completely different kinda party when we got back… So. What My way too stoned off a mix of G-13 and Critical Kush ass is tryin to ramble out here is that POWER PLANT!…. Is wut some call the TITS! WOW! At 36 and 20 years of bein on this side of the tracks, a month ago I had wut I think may VERY possibly be the strain with the most badassery I’ve ever partaken in. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I’ve gotten it 3 times on purpose since that glorious day about a month ago. WOW that’s way too long of a

  7. 230use

    High medical value

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