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Girl Scout Cookies is a powerful descendant of OG Kush and Durban Poison.  It has a dominant Indica component but also a strong hit of Sativa genetics, about 40 percent Sativa and 60 percent Indica.  Some varieties are also mixed with Cherry Kush.  Two popular twists are a variety called Thin Mints, and the popular Platinum cookies.  These all share some similarities and differences.  Some varieties are dark green with tightly wrapped flowers, fierce orange hairs, and dotted with frosty trichomes.  Others are tinged with purple leaves.  Girl Scout Cookies were first made in California and its popularity has stretched nationwide.  Its OG Kush parent originated in South Florida.  It is a powerful weed which must be handled with care.  It has some of the highest THC levels known and has won many Cannabis Cup awards.

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Girl Scout Cookies

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12 reviews for Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online

  1. CandiceRodaAndDenise

    one of AR’s good hybrids that’s been here since we started are Medical Mari program two years ago my tolerance has since then grown to concentrates an edibles the stronger stuff but just picked up a 8th jar of cookies that was dated so it was on sale I got it home still super fresh pine gassey citrus an earth strong stings nostrils lol but it was still smoking ssuper good had me so chilled an toasted at same time if that’s possible lol it’s always a great hybrid staple.

  2. lil420roc87

    Very energizing but balanced, good on a high activity sunny day.

  3. Dandjmurphy

    I asked my dispensary for the highest percentage THC hybrid strain they had and this is what they gave me. The Pearl Scout Cookies were at 28.8 percent THC and kept me high for several hours. Lemony spicy taste with a euphoric uplifting high that lasts a long long time. Really no downsides to this one.

  4. tintech

    I think in small doses this could be a really nice functional high.I could see this defiantly being a social thing. I was motivated to do things but unable to actually concentrate. I smoked wayyy too much and actually got really bad anxiety. Hits super smooth though, none of that sore throat ish that comes with harsher strains. My BF was on a creative rampage and was being optimistic until I started having anxiety lol We both agreed its not very anxiety friendly. Bummer!

  5. mattdaganjamasta

    Haven’t experimented much with different strains, but this is easily my favourite from the handful of strains I have tried. Would smoke it again, I feel focused but not stress; in high spirits/giggly, but not silly. I found it to be a slowkicker, as I was finishing, I start feeling it get powerful and was pleasantly surprised. I feel relaxed but not like I’ll stay in bed/on the couch, I feel like doing things.

  6. Exmo

    I can’t tell you this is a strong weed, cause that is an understatement. It had me nearly unable to carry on a conversation and/or move for about 4 hours. so yeah….

  7. legit420

    I have a super high tolerance and this definitely one those heavy hitters…very legit . this stuff broke through my tolerance barrier with no problem …amazing!

  8. XavierHoyle

    This is what I’ve been smoking recently when I don’t need to “do” anything. If you’re like me, you’ll want to make sure the floor is clear of tripping hazards, your laptop is away from your water, etc. Set out some snacks before you start smoking, and make sure you’re in a safe environment. Hybrids generally put me in the couch more than Indica, but GSC makes fine motor skills especially hard. It’s also especially dense, in my experience, which made eyeball-measuring my bowl difficult. The first time I smoked this I had a little too much. Stood up, got extremely dizzy (ears ringing, etc.), tried to put my bong back in a high cupboard, fainted, and ended up knocking over a box of crackers that my cat later peed on. It was a mess. (My bong was thankfully okay.) If you’re like me, don’t hesitate to pack a small bowl and go back for another one if needed.

  9. Robertjennings

    Tried this strain at Barney’s Coffeeshop in Amsterdam and real talk, it was quit a treat. Cookies Cush resembles aromas found in Girl Scout Cookies. Although listed as an indica the effects touch close to a sativa dominate strain. Truly one of the better strains I tried.

  10. SistaSista420

    Yum yum this strain is great in a joint or vape heavy hitter but delicious! Thanks Green Sky Medicinals

  11. Dragone80

    iraq war vet here, hooah. just got back from my 7th tour of duty. ever since #2 i’ve had severe ptsd/major depression/schizophrenia. girl scout cookies really cleared most of it up for me. these meds are best used while writing lyrics. was having a lot of pain in my body and now it is gone for as long as the meds are working. won’t bring back 1st Class Private Ludin but it sure as hell made me forget about the day he left us.

  12. Mudslinger1218

    So I got stuck in traffic today, I haven’t had sex since Bush — the Senior Bush — was in the White House, and all the music I thought was cool is now called “Dad Rock” by smirking Millennials who never experienced the joy of ELO’s “Time” with a pair of Sennhesier HD 800 headphones and a brain fulla Chocolate Thai. Well, fuck them! You know why? Because I’m blitzed to the tits on Pearl Scout Cookies right now and they aren’t. That’s right — they’re relishing in Autotuned garbage while I have the dulcet tones of Jeff Lynn buying me a ticket to the moon. And by the time I’m not high off this bud anymore, I could have WALKED to the moon! This isn’t a hi-and-bye high, this is a “Oh, were you just about to watch The Wall, Heavy Metal, Wizards -AND- Fritz the Cat? Don’t mind if I join you!” high. Three hits off this shit and the buzz is filing a change of address card and putting your cortex down as its new permanent residence. But unlike your last roommate who took a dump in the catbox and then ham-slammed your couch, this new resident is a mellow sort. No drama, no Stinky Hermans in the catbox, no waking up and finding Dickbutt drawn on your face with a Sharpie — nope, none of that shit. This is a strain with manners: it Fabreezes the bathroom after dropping a Taco Bell deuce, addresses your Mom as Mrs and never once says ‘Oi! Wouldja lookit them tits!’ within hearing range when you bring your girlfriend over. It will, however, fart on your cat if given half a chance, so, y’know, keep Mittens at a distance. Damn, am I still stoned? Ohyeah I am! So next time you need to be stoned for the length of a Yes song, remember Pearl Scout Cookies: The Dickbutt-Free Strain!

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