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THC: 26%
CBD: 0.19%

EFFECTS Happy, Focused, Energetic, Uplifted, Euphoric
MEDICAL Stress, Depression, Pain, Muscle Spasm, Loss of Appetite
NEGATIVES Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy, Headache
FLAVORS Earthy, Pine, Sweet
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Durban Poison

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6 reviews for Buy Durban Poison Online

  1. ascensionpioneer

    My favorite strain that I’ve tried. Very uplifting and energizing. I get so much done with this one!

  2. tsarinacatyh

    I love DP. I didn’t think I would love it but it gives me a pick up and go vibe that I wasn’t expecting.

  3. twystedtynk

    Vibing. This is my absolute FAVORITE strain of all time. Tastes piney and fresh, burns very clean. I find myself happy, yet chilled out listening to music, just vibing you know? No munchies, no paranoia. Nothing but vibes. Haven’t found this strain in awhile, took it for granted while it was around 🙁 If you’re a fan of sativa, treat yo self.

  4. Cloud_queen

    As a person with ADD & ASD, most strains just make my head too “stony” and I get anxious and stuck in repetition-thought patterns. Durban Poison is only the second strain ever, that I could smoke and enjoy; Pre98 Bubba Kush being the other. I can use this strain during the day, and feel chill, and use it at night to calm my racing mind. It’s VERY Narcotic-like for me, and I REALLY like that feeling.

  5. bodyslam9000

    I started off as an indica girl, but have totally fallen in love with this AMAZING sativa strain. Durban Poison is the first sativa that I ever truly cared for, and I pick it up wherever I go. I have only ever consumed a vape cartridge. This strain is PERFECT for a busy day, perfect for running errands, taking walks outside, doing anything, really! I tend to prefer not smoking this near bedtime, as it is much more of an energizing strain than a sleepy strain. This is my go-to vape strain, so the one that I take with me pretty much everywhere. As for effects, it feels as though my brain stem is being wrapped in a euphoric hug. DO listen to music, DO take that magic walk in the forest, and DO socialize with your friends while smoking this! It helps ease my anxiety that I get before I enter stores (thus why it is perfect for running errands). I am also a high-risk glaucoma patient (not quite diagnosed, but I have very intense symptoms that indicate that it will most likely happen in the future). Many strains dry out my eyes, but this strain helps the pain that settles behind my eyes go away. Additionally, it helps with the pain from my bad, right shoulder. I highly recommend this strain! 🙂

  6. tsarinacat

    Great smoke with a slightly delayed hit that leaves you feeling creative and smiley. Contact users beware of occasional severe dry eye. A great weed to do work or listen to music to, Durban Poison is definitely my go-to sativa.

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