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THC: 12%
CBD: 0%

EFFECTS Happy, Creative, Focused, Talkative, Euphoric
MEDICAL Stress, Depression, Pain, Muscle Spasm, Fatigue
NEGATIVES Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy, Headache
FLAVORS Fruity, Nutty, Sour, Spicy
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buy Voodoo weed strain online

buy voodoo weed online. Voodoo, bred from a Thai landrace in 1997, is an uplifting sativa cannabis strain with long-lasting, euphoric effects. A fresh, fruity aroma emanates from the dense, pine-green buds enameled in crystal trichomes, with nutty and spicy flavors to follow. Depression, fatigue, and stress stand no chance against the uplifting, almost energizing, qualities of Voodoo. This strain prospers both indoors and outdoors, and flowers 8 to 9 weeks after its vegetative cycle.

The Voodoo high is something to behold! Although it isn’t an especially potent strain, you should feel an almost immediate rush behind the eyes, followed by a euphoric head high. All of this is accompanied by a tingling sensation behind the eyes and in your face. Eventually, the high drifts down into the body.
Before you know it, you are sitting on the couch with no desire to get up. As a result, we wouldn’t recommend using Voodoo in the morning before work! On the plus side, it makes an excellent evening strain.

In marijuana terms, Voodoo is a relatively old strain since it was created more than 20 years ago. It is a dank phenotype of a Thai landrace that is believed to have been created in 1997. Its THC content is the subject of fierce debate. Most experts suggest Voodoo’s THC is in the 8-12% bracket, while others claim certain breeders have created Voodoo with a THC that is almost triple that potency. Its CBD level is about 1%, and it is almost entirely sativa

As soon as you get close to this strain, you will notice the delightful fresh and fruity aroma that compels you to have a sample. The dense, thick nugs carry a dark olive-green color, and the gold and deep purple undertones ensure that Voodoo is one of the most aesthetically pleasing strains you’re likely to find.
The furry nugs are laden with thick gold and amber hairs and are coated in gorgeous crystal trichomes, along with thick resin. The nutty and spicy flavor with a vanilla aftertaste is pure bliss and will make marijuana lovers very happy.

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60 reviews for Voodoo weed strain

  1. azah

    Decent strain and the price is great. Worth buying.

  2. desmond

    Good for the price

  3. jan

    My half o was basically two buds. The smell is exotic and too hard to describe, very sweet and floral I guess. Never smelled anything like it. It’s got a great head high too! Great for an early day smoke

  4. jeff

    Nice product. Typical purple flavor but enjoyable. Draws good, tastes good. Strong, relaxing high!

  5. mike

    This was my first order with KS and was very impressed with shipping and packaging and the quality of the bud was fantastic. I usually stick with sativa and this one here came nice medium size nugs with a beautiful smell really nice taste and nice high from a .4 j the description and picture are accurate which is really nice cuz a lot of other sites are completely off

  6. ben

    Huge 7 nug. Sweet smelling terps, very pleasant. One of my favorites.

  7. sedrick

    Voodoo was in my sample pack, I really enjoyed this strain, the taste is a little like a deep breath in a forest spring walk after a rain, all sparkles a little and your mind is active and uplifted weeEeeee! Thank you!

  8. Slayer

    Great sativa to get your shit done, bag appeal is great. Nugs are frosty, taste is good. My GF loves smoking this and doing chores. I think it’s just a bit expensive

  9. vals

    Very good strain for this price !

  10. zander

    Prettiest buds!! And so big!! Great for the price I would say a SOLID AAA+ or even quad

  11. alice

    The one thing I’ve noticed is that Voodoo makes a difference on how you smoke what your smoking….

  12. nelly

    Mild but pleasant high. It’s not pretty weed but worth it for the price

  13. susan

    Lacks the kush smell and taste. Definitely lacks potency.
    It wouldn’t let me rate it half a star.

  14. Stella

    I found that voodoo grew very quick in veg and with only 8 weeks flowering she got a lot of big buds she is in my opinion one of the best strains I’ve grown glad I kept a cut of her, I would say she smells and tastes quite earthy with a nice relaxing high

  15. kushman

    Great smell and taste. Smooth smoke that leaves you motivated

  16. angella

    perfect happy weed, long lasting, strong, takes care of migraine and good for PMS

  17. Greenman

    Decent sativa, though I don’t usually smoke sativa. Was pleasant enough.

  18. richadson

    Made me energetic, walked 2 miles after a quarter of a blunt.

  19. jay

    What a nice Sativa this was. Looks and smells fantastic and it was a nice smooth smoke. I was expecting more of a lemony taste and smell, but to my nose it smells more like some sort of marshmallowy blueberry. I will get this again in the future.

  20. dave

    Voodoo smells great and is very flavourful. It’s got that peppery/kushy taste even though it’s a sativa. Would definitely buy again.

  21. nekegirl

    Ir’s a green Sativa cannabis strain with long-lasting euphoric effect

  22. Steven

    Bud looks unpleasant. The high is great and is of medium potency. Always a good time with Rockstar Kush.

  23. sally

    Tight, sugary buds! Tastes woody, sweet and she’s potent, cough cough! 🙂 Highly recommend 🙂

  24. michael

    A very nice smoke anytime of day. I always find the purples make me sleepy 🙂

  25. lucy

    Very calm and relaxing high. Will definitely purchase again.


    Omg I’ve been looking all over for somewhere to purchase voodoo child online in Canada and am so freaking stoked you guys carry it. I haven’t tried this sites particularly yet but if I could give a 6 out of 5 star review of voodoo child I would after smoking a bunch of it a few months back. I didn’t think one could necessarily notice this much of a difference between sativas assuming percentages and quality were equalish, but this strain is just in a whole different world of its own and unique compared to any other Marijuana I’ve smoked.

  27. andeson

    Great buzz. Smells decent.

  28. tony

    Very earthy smell. Interesting taste. Right out of the bag the bugs are decent size and you can really see the crystal on them!

  29. yvesient

    Made everything a little easier to deal with during the day, not drowsy but motivated, even got the house cleaned.

  30. caitin

    This is great strain. Wouldn’t think twice about buying it again very good mellow high

  31. brandon

    Really good strain it got the job done I would recommend.

  32. uastina

    Good taste, milder buzz. Would buy again!

  33. davide

    Made everything a little easier to deal with during the day, not drowsy but motivated, even got the house cleaned.

  34. maxwell

    This last batch I received was not not as good as the first batch I got back in the spring. Don’t think it’ll be on my list again anytime soon. More scragle and less potent than I’ve come to expect.

  35. Francis

    Didn’t find the taste great on this one but the high was decent

  36. mark

    Hits hard, lasts long. Loved it.

  37. helbert

    I dream so vividly after it it scares me sometimes.

  38. Rick

    Great sativa, would purchase again

  39. anabel

    I just fell in love! I instantly tasted the lemon undertones and the sweet grapes! ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE

  40. davide

    Buds look and smell almost identical to nuken but maybe a bit better. Great stuff but I was hoping to try a new strain and to me this is extremely similair to nuken

  41. rene

    Great count. Dry as fawk. Didn’t taste the best. High was decent. No complaints. Just not the rockstar I’m used to from other sites.

  42. sinde

    Exactly as described. Great over all. Only 4 stars b/c of the price

  43. adamson

    You probably can’t get a better deal for this strain anywhere. Get some before it’s gone!

  44. willy

    Classic Indica smell and taste. This is actually 90/10 indica dominate

  45. nata

    great night time med, perfect sleep aid, not good for day use as makes me very lazy and can knock…


    Friend ordered some of this from you guys and shared and that’s why I’m here happily making an ounce order lmao

  47. san

    Longest couch lock Ive ever had.

  48. emma

    Not a bad strain at all!! This was my first time trying purple voodoo and I wasn’t disappointed!! I would recommend trying her out!! She’s very pretty!!

  49. erica

    My new age thinking doctor recommended this weed too help with anxiety and social fears in place of benxodiazapines. So far so good obviously never going to be as strong as Xanax or Valium but it makes a difference and is a much cheaper and healthier alternative with a bunch of bonus perks those medications don’t have

  50. jacobadams

    I had smoked this a few times from a pipe and got a satisfying all-around high, but three hits from a bong gave me the strongest head high I have ever experienced, and I’m a near daily smoker. We used hemp wick to light it and tasted pungent, spicy, and buttery notes. It gave me a full head rush that made me feel like my retinas had laser beams coming out of them, but not in an uncomfortable way.

  51. walter willy

    Finally managed to go one day without being anxious as hell thanks to this.

  52. janni

    Very good AAA+

  53. anna

    Finally, The first restfull sleep in a few months.

  54. micheal

    Okay. Coming across quality thai strains are like christmas for me, and this is like that one “big” present hidden behind the tree just when you think you didn’t get what you “really” wanted that year. Its that good. Thai (purple, I hear) x AK47. Seriously a kick to the head that has every orifice in your head dripping but in that, “good god, this is what cannabis should be like” sort of way. VERY heavy, very intense head high that does segue nicely down through your body. Tends to linger in the groinal area, too- sex was Amazing for my girl and i, as we both found this plant to have several aphrodisiac qualities. Small warning, however: try to go in with a good mindset and you will be rewarded greatly. Negative vibes however, do not lend themselves well as the insensity only amplifies every last thing your feeling. Feeling down? Grab a bowl or two, your lady, a movie and laugh, love and be merry. Lifes too short. Fuck already. -Father Dope.

  55. paul

    I have to say: WOOOW! This is one beautiful strain, or this is one freaking fantastic Voodoo batch. Either way, I can only hope to communicate the distant dispair I feel for everyone who doesn’t get to enjoy this little wonder. Exquisitely euphoric, Voodoo packs the loveliest wallop this side of Girl Scout Cookies. Sitting produces a bit of a couch lock for me, but once I’m standing and walking the stimulating sativa energy kicks in quite pleasantly. Some may not appreciate this space cadet zone I’ve been in since toke 1, but it is a welcome respite for both me and my anxiety. Thoughts distract from bodily sensations, euphoria especially. This lets me sink into them with welcome abandon. My best wishes to those who wish to take a trip through this smokey Nirvana. I can not recommend enough that all do so 🙂

  56. Kelly

    My first hit I was high. The one thing I’ve noticed is that it makes a difference on how you smoke what your smoking. There are some strains that hit harder in the bong and others I’d prefer in my glass blunt. VooDoo hits hard in the bong and lasts a very long time. We had two bowls during the day over a 12 hour period of time and we remained high. It was a great feeling that lasted all day. Thanks to my new peeps at Altitude Organic in Colorado Springs. Shouts out to GrowLife aka GL4L.

  57. Clinton

    Personal favourite, must be the terpenes or something but this strain is ideal for those who would like to control their mental pains.

  58. tiva

    An excellent pleasant high that will easily get you through the day.

  59. mike

    This was my first order with KS and was very impressed with shipping and packaging and the quality of the bud was fantastic. I usually stick with sativa and this one here came nice medium size nugs with a beautiful smell really nice taste and nice high from a .4 j the description and picture are accurate which is really nice cuz a lot of other sites are completely off

  60. henry

    Ordered Voodoo Child online a couple times from 2 different stores to this one and felt I should comment that this websites seemed way bigger and they definitely didn’t weigh it out well (in the sense they gave me wayyy too much)

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