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THC: 27.75%
CBD: 0.72%

EFFECTS Happy, Creative, Calm, Sleepy, Euphoric
MEDICAL Stress, Depression, Pain, Muscle Spasm, Loss of Appetite
NEGATIVES Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy, Headache
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Buy Rose OG Online

buy rose og online. Rose OG is a hybrid cannabis strain that produces a distinctly floral scent, one that adds a bit of aromatherapy to your smoking or vaping experience – it might soothe and relax your mind from simply inhaling it. This hybrid is arguably a wonderful choice for inspiring creativity according to reviewers, and it’s been used to reduce both stresses in the mind and body.

Some fans of Rose OG have said they’ve enjoyed it for its potential in relieving both fatigue and anxiety depending on how much is consumed. Whether attempting to gain energy or gain sleep, Rose OG has been acclaimed for its relaxing effects.

THC levels tend to average around 20% while its CBD levels stay well below 1%. Caryophyllene and Myrcene are its dominant terpenes. Rose OG produces buds that are shaped like miniature pine trees loaded with trichomes that give it a yellow appearance.

     EFFECTS :

  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Creative


  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Headache

Rose OG

buy rose og online. Rose OG is a hybrid cannabis strain that produces a distinctly floral scent, one that adds a bit of aromatherapy to your smoking or vaping experience – it might sooth and relax your mind from simply inhaling it. This hybrid is arguably a wonderful choice for inspiring creativity according to reviewers, and it’s been used to reduce both stress in the mind and body. Buy Rose OG online.

Some fans of Rose OG have said they’ve enjoyed it for its potential in relieving both fatigue and anxiety depending on how much is consumed. Whether attempting to gain energy or gain sleep, Rose OG has been acclaimed for its relaxing effects. THC levels tend to average around 20% while its CBD levels stay well below 1%. Caryophyllene and Myrcene are its dominant terpenes.

This strain is a descendant of OG Kush. It smells richly floral and kushy, per the name, and has a moderately strong THC average of 20%. It can treat creative blocks, stress, appetite loss, and muscle spasms. Rose OG cannabis strain is good for daytime or evening usage.

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34 reviews for Buy Rose OG Online

  1. mark

    Nice, uplifting strain, good for me during the day. I use it in a vaporizer. Ordered this strain twice now, but the most recent time there was a lot of stalk. I can use the stalk for tea though, so not the end of the world. As always, delivery was super fast which is a bonus!

  2. thomas

    My second purchase from hemp elf and I definitely feel like I’m going end up hooked! I felt like an instant effect and my mind was buzzing! Felt very chatty and could talk for hours and although I felt calm I also felt like my mind was very active and thinking about things in more detail. Felt very sleepy and relaxed after a couple hours and did some meditation which was very visual!
    I’m so glad I found out about this company, I’ve already recommended to loads of people!

  3. chrisstopher

    Absolutely loving the OG kush, what a cbd hit!!! And the smell and taste is spot on, keep smashing it hemp elf 👊🏻

  4. james

    It was more brownish than shown in the picture however….
    I had the perfect smoke, although I was cautious with the amount that I used because I have anxiety – this cbd flower really made me relaxed. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND HEMPELF. I feel relaxed and at peace! Thank you!

  5. marley

    Great product. Ordered twice already and just placed a third order. Can’t recommend highly enough. No buzz, not at all like the nasty skunk weed that I smoked years ago. Just takes the edge off when I’ve had a tough day and somehow clears my head and the worries just melt away. Thank you hemp elf. You’ve helped me get through a tough spell in my life.

  6. shatter

    I honestly can not recommend this product enough ! I have been smoking a bit of normal cannabis and it has not really agreed with me as I have felt anxious ! So I have completely stopped with the thc and moved onto this cbd ! I smoked it for the first time this evening and it has made me feel great and very uplifted ! If you suffer with anxiety I would definitely recommended giving this product a try ! Would recommend consuming it in the evening as it does make you tired ! Also I would definitely have a drink on hand just as with any smoking ! Thank you guys I will be back !!!!

  7. desmon

    Probably one of the best strain I have tried this year: earthy aroma with a deep kushy smell, long lasting relaxing effect

  8. reymond

    high quality, solid, nice looking, good medecine.

  9. tracy

    Amazing quit bud snoke cbd

  10. esther

    First time trying will order more if good

  11. desmond

    First time buying cbd bud from hempelf and i am very happy with my purchase. Very quick service i Ordered on Wednesday afternoon and my package arrived on friday lunchtime. Item was well packed and upon opening the bag that lovely kushy smell hit me. Buds were decent, nice size and sticky. Smoked well and got me nicely chilled. Will definitely be ordering again and trying out some different stuff. Would recommend to anyone and have my friends all trying it. Only gripe would be the cost of delivery, but that wont stop me ordering again.

  12. blecker

    Ordered a selection. Lovely buds. Good taste. Will order again. Thanks Hemp Elf……

  13. stephenv

    Would highly recommend OG Kush. Tastes great and really relaxes you. Thanks Hempelf

  14. stacy

    Very nice staff really recommend. Chill, relaxing and nice mood

  15. paull

    My 2nd purchase from Hempelf. I was sceptical about ordering flowers, as not a great fan of Street weed – got occasionally, for something different.
    I am long term THC Solid user and thought it had to come to a time, where I should stop using, looked for other alternatives and found CBD.
    Weighs spot on!
    Product is very similar to street – smells very similar -but don’t get that completely ‘stoned’ feeling – it grinds well, tastes good and I felt a happy feeling, content and relaxed.
    Slightly more expensive 3.5g, than street -but better then street, for mind, body, health. No paranoid feelings!

    This company also is very informative about their CBD and lots of clear info on their web.

    I would buy this again, from time to time – this is now one of my favourites!

  16. miles

    This plant tastes great and is a perfect way to end the day. I stopped smoking THC and was looking for a different way to relax, the CBD flowers really help with my anxiety and improves my sleep. With a vaporiser, it is the perfect medicine!

  17. Jason

    Great for anxiety. Really chills you out. First smoke in years and I’m glad I got this to try out.

  18. blied

    I’ve tried many strains from Hempelf and OG Kush might be the best one so far. I used to smoke cannabis but quit due to its negative effects. But, I missed the feeling of relaxation it could provide sometimes. Then I found out about CBD weed. And I have to say I’m so grateful that exists. It’s perfect for unwinding at the end of the day and creates this awesome mellow feeling that makes it easy to sleep. In my opinion, the OG Kush has the strongest effects in this respect. Highly recommended!

  19. sakerr

    Nice smoke, not too bad at all. This stuff helped me kick the THC which was making my anxiety bad, this stuff helps with craving and also the anxiety THC give me

  20. nike

    My favourite- Smooth smoke, nice taste and perfect little buds.

  21. tatian

    I’d say this is a good smoke same taste and smell of the real stuff just without the THC I’ve tried other CBD flower from different places in the UK and stumbled onto this place and it has the best cbd flower by far this one is a nice and relaxing smoke and is ideal for my anxiety and panic disorders

  22. joe

    Delivery was fast smells a lot better than expected for something with no thc, will definitely be ordering again. Thank you to the team at hempelf!

  23. khalid

    Order and payed for Saturday and received on Tuesday. Now that’s what I call service Baring in mind order wasnt seen until Monday as not open at weekends, great smoke and takes the stress away, wasn’t sure about ordering online but will 100% be ordering again, perfect weight, thank you very much hempelf.

  24. jay

    I have tried a few of the CBD flowers around and I can say that this herb is tasty, smooth and well cared for. You pay a bit more then some of the cheaper options which can be found elsewhere… But its worth the extra money. Of course i hope prices will go down as the industry grows.

    All in all great herbs and has encouraged me to purchase a dynavap for more efficient consumption.

    Thanks HempElf keep it pure.

  25. lucy

    Assuming I got the bottom trim so I removed one star. The flower was far from dense..

    However, the flavour is the best I’ve had from Hempelf. The medicating effects were second only to the amnesia but given this is cheaper I will likely purchase again.

    Of the 4 strains I’ve tried, this stands out. I would avoid the strawberry and the mango jelly. This and the amnesia are a safe(ish) bet for anxiety relief.

  26. elmine

    After giving hemp elf a chance to help me kick my street habit I can definitely say I’m glad I did..
    I can’t actually believe the quality it smells, tastes, and feels amazing. I’ve suffered with a few years with issues caused by high thc products off the streets and after trying this I can honestly say that I feel so much more at peace with myself and look forward to how it’s going to make me feel long term
    Thankyou hemp elf would recommend anyone to try this

  27. boy

    I ordered first time in this store , All was great !! delivery Perfect !! now this is my The Best store in the world !! Amazing flowers , 100% the same as in the pictures , taste and smell like original , and this power ……. Thank you xxx

  28. daniel

    Bought OG KUSH on Tuesday, it was here by Thursday. Smells great was really fresh. Very relaxing will definitely be buying more, with lots to try out thanks Hemp.Elf.

  29. baille

    Now this seriously gave me the sensation I was expecting. New to CBD and needing something to help me sleep and stay asleep (a problem I’ve had for years). I thought I would try it and see if it helped, and I wasn’t disappointed. It smelt great, rolled well and gave a good kick. It definitely chills you out. I really like this even though years ago I used to smoke hash, this stuff is far better and healthier (and of course legal). Still trying out different options and combinations to work out what suits me but I will definitely be buying this again. Yes it’s expensive than the street stuff but it’s far more healthier (and legal). I’m not having to use a lot to get an effect so I’m hoping all batches are the same quality as my first one was really good. Highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed

  30. micheal

    I ordered 3.5grams of the OG KUSH using this service for the first time. I was very I pressed by the menu choice and the range of information of the product.
    I was also very pleased with the speedy delivery and great packaging that came also.
    The OG Kush tasted very good, very earthy which was pleasant. Also complimented with a night uplifting feeling. The only down side is I couldn’t possibly bring myself to pay £303 for an OZ.
    I will definitely will use this service again and will also promote this on my social media’s.
    Thank you so much for the really good service.
    (Also thank you for the stickers they have now been added to my collection)

  31. achille

    Vaped this up in my Mighty vaporizer this afternoon at 198 C to begin with huge plumes, long vaping duration, divine taste, beautiful smell can see why this product is sold out as I had definitely intentions to buy more too, at 10er a gram, I don’t think the product is worth 20 a g. If you can justify such an expense then go for it, the CBD effect is good, but has a short half life, but THC levels could be questionable but certainly no more than you would find in a strong full spectrum oil, so maybe not suitable for people undergoing drug tests. Finished vaping at 210 C and had flavour all the way till finished vaping, keen to try more CBD weeds.

  32. richad

    Arrived very fast next day after ordering, smell, taste & look all on point cannot fault it one bit. Was a bit sceptical at first so only ordered 1g, will be ordering more 100% you can use my code for discount at checkout “tom” I will definitely recommend this strain to anybody.
    The smell was very strong and much stronger than I had imagined it to be also the look of the buds, they were all nice size for 1g order I was expecting smaller strands of bud. Flavour, tasted really nice I smoked it in a joint with a tiny bit of tobacco plenty of flavor. Definitely will be getting more!

  33. williams

    I’ve been on a long journey trying all sorts of different CBD herbs. At last I’ve found the one that works for me consistently – Hemp Elf’s OG Kush.

    This is really good medicine when vaped. While it ISN’T THC herb, it melts away anxiety and makes your eyelids heavy, ready for bed – which is good enough for me during the week.

    Different ones work for different people, no doubt. But the OG Kush has me sleeping really well.

    Other buds on this site may look or smell a bit better (Ive tried all except the Grape Ape), but the OG Kush is the one that has me resting and sleeping well.

  34. stellar

    Love This Strain! Buds Smell Amazing Along With A Slight Earthy Scent One Of My Go To Buds For Sure Great Work HE

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