BTS bighit Buy Platinum GSC Online.Platinum GSC is one of the most sought
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THC: 24%
CBD: 0%

EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Hungry, Uplifted, Euphoric
MEDICAL Stress, Depression, Pain, Muscle Spasm, Loss of Appetite
NEGATIVES Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy, Headache
FLAVORS Earth, Sweet, Pungent.
  • 1 oz
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Buy Platinum GSC Online

buy platinum gsc online. Platinum GSC is one of the most sought after strains in the world right now. This strain has quickly become popular among bud connoisseurs worldwide; it is a cross between Durban Poison, OG Kush and unknown third strain. Platinum GSC was developed by a group of growers in California know as Cookie Fam. This strain has been known to exceed 28% THC which results in the desired effects even after a small dosage. This is a well-balanced hybrid strain that gives off a sickly sweet candy scent with hints of a fruity spiciness. The smoke is incredibly creamy while the joint always burns evenly with a clean, white ash. The buds are simply dripping with crystals and the smoke is extremely smooth and flavorful, not muted whatsoever. Platinum GSC lives up to its name by displaying it’s bright, kief like confectionary sugar, coated on its tight nugs.

We recommend this strain for any time of day as it inspires sociability and will not weigh you down. This is our favourite type of Cookies here at Clean Green! Known for being an excellent treatment of nausea, swelling, arthritis, and migraines. This strain competes with Romulan as one the strongest hybrids on our shelves. This strain is sure to put on a smile on your face after the first puff of a joint. Platinum GSC is one of the best strains available for a good reason, get yours today!

Platinum GSC

If you thought Girl Scout Cookies couldn’t get any better, then behold its next evolution, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. This Cup-winning hybrid — a cross of OG Kush, Durban Poison, and a third unknown strain — fills your nose and lungs with sweet notes of berry and candy, followed by a fruity spiciness. Patients with severe pain, nausea, swelling, migraines, and stress should look no further for relief as symptoms both physical and mood-related melt away instantly. The Platinum Girl Scout Cookies strain flaunts a heavy coat of crystal trichomes over its sage green leaves, assuring its potency to any consumer in doubt.

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4 reviews for Buy Platinum GSC Online

  1. Samurai13

    I feel a rich velvety head high. I feel incredibly relaxed, ready to zone out. My foggy head becomes more foggy. Maybe faint hints of paranoia in the far distance.

  2. ibgroovy1

    leiiiisure suit lorebzookkkkk

  3. jaybird2433

    Very smooth had me relaxed made me sneeze which is a good thing little Crystal’s all over and I simply love the aroma afterwards mmmmmm.

  4. MadMan4736

    An excellent strain. Higher THC samples produce euphoric cerebral experience but any higher has diminished effectiveness. Has steep yet comfortable buildup and long (2hrs) build up. Long “high” duration (10 hours) and long afterglow (5-6 days) duration. Pace bong intake about 20 minutes. Strong analytical, creative, and empathetic focus. Will raise blood pressure. Definitely one to try still.

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