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THC: 17-25%
CBD: <1%

EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Focused, Uplifted, Euphoric
MEDICAL Stress, Depression, Pain, Loss of Appetite
NEGATIVES Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy, Headache
FLAVORS Earthy, Sweet.
  • 1 oz
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Buy Gorilla Glue Online

buy gorilla glue online. The one and only Gorilla Glue now exclusively available here at topgradedcannabis

This spectacularly potent and flavourful Indica which until recently was only available in the US doesn’t just make for incredible relaxation with a happy and uplifting effect. Her out-of-this-world potency makes Gorilla Glue also an excellent strain for the treatment of chronic pains and other health conditions.

Buy Gorilla glue strain

topgraded with its international shipping duties make it available to your homes, where ever you are ; China , Europe, UK England, Russia. So now, buy gorilla glue strains from anywhere online.

Gorilla Glue turned out outright spectacular. Her THC levels measure 24-26%, with her phenos at times reportedly 30%, making her one of the most potent Indicas.

Origin of the strains name

buy gorilla glue online. As for the strain’s name, according to cannabis lore the breeders choose the name Gorilla Glue because of the strain’s crazy resin production that made the guys stick to all kinds of things after handling the newly created strain. But her name could also do well to describe GG’s amazingly powerful high that will “glue” you to your couch. It is awesome relaxation although her effect isn’t just a deep body stone but comes with a greatly balancing euphoria as well.

With a THC content of 24%-26% and some of her phenos having contain as much as 30%. Gorilla Glue is incredibly potent but at the same time still quite balanced smoke. Her powerful effect is relaxing, just the right thing for stress relief or a superb smoke to help you sleep. But her smoke doesn’t just make for awesome chilling at night time, she’ll also give a happy and uplifting feeling at the same time. Because of Gorilla Glue’s potency, she has also become a favourite strain for medicinal users who want a potent herb that can help them with pain relief, depression, sleeping troubles and many other health conditions.

With her flavour that blends earthy and sweet notes with hints of lemon and woody pine, Gorilla Glue makes for a superbly tasting smoke on top of her powerful effect.

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7 reviews for Buy Gorilla Glue Online

  1. JJBig

    Initial effects behind the eyes and almost immediate helmet feeling. Quickly settles into a great body high(couch) but with a mildly active mental componenet. Its a regular favorite.

  2. Flakahocka

    Quick Onset,Pungent Flavor.

  3. Greezy710

    I’m smoking this mf right now! This bitch hit my head hard! It’s GREAT MAN ! I’m going to my time machine 67’ I’m only 30 yrs old
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  4. yrjhndbn

    Perma-grin. Happy and floaty. Really nice.

  5. spotteddikkop

    Have you stuck to the wall with a nice relaxing feeling especially on a rainy day!

  6. Dutchmastercee7

    Medizin flower 27% thc. Pain Gone. Cramps Gone. Motivation Gone. Racing thoughts gone. Stress gone. Stomach aches gone. Responsibilities gone. I’m King of my Couch! #1. I will buy this again!

  7. Impulseflash

    What’s to say? This strain is popular for a reason. It’s very upbeat, stoney and strangely focused. The body feels relaxed after the initial “kick” and settles into whatever it happens to be sitting/laying on. It can get really couchy, particularly at higher dosages, so go easy unless you have a few hours to veg. It’s aromas are deep and rich. It’s hard to describe, but it’s loud. The flavors are earthy, slightly floral, and spicy with a hint of mint. It’s very potent but user friendly. I’d recommend it wholeheartedly to experienced users and to those new to cannabis I’d say go for it, just go slow.

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