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THC: 30.263%
CBD: <1%

EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Creative, Uplifted, Euphoric
MEDICAL Stress, Depression, Pain, Headaches, Fatigue
NEGATIVES Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Dizzy, Headache
FLAVORS Sweet, berry, blueberry
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Buy Blue Dream Online

Buy Blue Dream Online is a favorite amongst stoners everywhere. The slow-moving high makes it great for newbies and also enjoyable for seasoned users. Once the high has set in, you’ll experience a balanced, full-body high that provides symptom relief without the sedation.

The Blue Dream marijuana strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid originated from California. This bud has become somewhat of a legend because of its reputation of the ideal wake and bake flower.

Blue Dream

With its easy-going character,  it comes with a surprisingly high level of THC, giving a balanced set of effects from both indica and sativa genetics. Here is everything you need to know about the Blue Dream marijuana strain.

Origins of Blue Dream

Blue Dream comes from the medical cannabis scene of California and was created by crossing the popular Super Silver Haze with widely-known Blueberry strain.

This flower quickly became one of the most wanted strains on the global market due to its potency and perfectly balanced high.

THC Content of Blue Dream

The Blue Dream marijuana strain comes with a relatively high level of THC, ranging between 17% and 24% on average. Moreover, the flower comes with CBN and CBD levels reaching 1% and 2% respectively. Thus, Blue Dream is a great strain for treating a wide range of medical conditions.

The Appearance of Blue Dream

Blue Dream grows large and dense buds of a fluffy popcorn-like structure. These flowers come in bright green color with some blue undertones and are generously sprinkled with amber and blueish pistils. Coated with a fine layer of sticky sweet resin and milky white trichomes, Blue Dream definitely looks like a dream come true.

Fragrance & Flavors of Blue Dream

As mentioned before, Blueberry is a parent of this bud and therefore you can expect the Blue Dream strain to smell like blueberries. However, this fragrance is combined with some sweet vanilla notes and strong hints of mangoes. Additionally, you can smell some notes of spice that enhance the overall fruity fragrance of this flower.

Blue Dream tastes exactly how it smells. Its flavor is a combination of berries, spices, and herbal tones. You will definitely enjoy its fruity and strong tones enhanced by a delicate sour hint.

Effects of Blue Dream

The Blue Dream marijuana strain is popular for its body relaxing properties. However, the gentle way of inducing calmness and relaxation makes this bud ideal to start your day with. Because of its smooth euphoric high, Blue Dream is also recommended for novice users.

The positive vibes induced by this flower uplift mood and promote a general feeling of motivation, keeping its users creative and full of energy. Blue Dream is also a great choice for social activities and it encourages creative thinking, helping you spark new and inspiring ideas. If you’re working in the creative field, this bud can be a great source of inspiration.

Blue Dream gives you the luxury of being both relaxed and alert at the same time.  Imagine finding yourself in a dreamlike floaty state, while still being able to interact socially and having the energy to get your things done – this is what the Blue Dream strain can do.

Medical Uses of Blue Dream

Blue Dream is believed to be a perfect choice for those suffering from chronic pain and chronic stress. Since the strain comes with highly relaxing and mood-enhancing properties, it’s also recommended for treating mild to moderate cases of depression.

When smoked in higher amounts, Blue Dream may also help you with sleep disorders, including insomnia.

Potential Side Effects of Blue Dream

Although Blue Dream comes with very few adverse effects, one of them is a feeling of slight dehydration. It may cause your eyes and mouth to feel a bit dry, but the key is to stay hydrated before and during your smoking session to mitigate these effects.

In rare cases, especially when consumed at higher doses, Blue Dream can induce a slight feeling of anxiety and tiredness.

Blue Dream – Summary

Contrary to what the name may suggest, Blue Dream won’t take you to dreamland or turn  you into a couch potato. Instead, this perfect blend will make you energized and allow you to complete your tasks with the best mood possible.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream Strain will make any day better when they’re lived like a dream, and the best dream.

This strain is a must-have for any serious cannabis connoisseur. Bred by crossing Blueberry and Haze, the Blue Dream strain is a hybrid that leans towards the Sativa side of things. As you could imagine, with illustrious parents like the Blueberry and Haze strains, BD has a permanent spot in the limelight.

While many strains with this level of fame have well-documented lineages, Blue Dream has unknown origins. It was originally used as a medicinal strain but quickly became popular for its almost psychedelic features. As word spread, DJ Short, the famous cannabis pioneer took it upon himself to produce the best strain of Blue Dream possible. What’s available today is thanks to his tireless work.


It may come as a surprise, but Blue Dream tastes like blueberries – shocker! The blueberry flavour stays true to any variation of the strain, including a nice hint of sweetness to drive home its amazing flavour. Those who are particularly fond of candy are bound to enjoy the taste.

Blue Dream Effects + Benefits

As with any strain that has a flavour profile of sweet blueberries, it’s going to be a talking point. Yet, with this strain, it becomes more of an afterthought due to world-class effects. Smoking Blue Dream is like finding yourself lost in a room with your favourite music playing in the background. All while being grateful to be alive.

Dealing with depression in all forms is a burden. The weight of negativity is enough to pin us to the ground. It’s as if our minds have shackled us to an imaginary prison of our own construct. That’s why Blue Dream is the perfect strain for uplifting the spirit. Whether you live in London or Vancouver, it’s sunny days guaranteed.

What’s also interesting is the strains dreamy, psychedelic like effects. It’ss well recorded for producing creative bursts. There’s an artist in all us waiting to escape. Set them free and watch as the pleasure in life increases.

That’s not all, as Blue Dream releases muscle tension and alleviates pain. Treating our bodies like the proverbial temple that they are is an important aspect of life. This strain is beneficial to all those from active to sedentary, if you care about how you feel, Blue Dream is for you!

A strain this complex and balanced doesn’t always come around. Blue Dream is a diamond in the rough, make it a staple of your cannabis collection today!

Up to 25-27% THC

Flavours:  BlueberryBerrySweet

Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Uplifted, Creative

Medical Uses: Stress, Depression, Pain, Headaches, Fatigue

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5 reviews for Buy Blue Dream Online

  1. Becca2boujee

    This strain is super amazing when it comes to pain and depression! This is my go to strain for any problem that arises!

  2. Tjflash

    Mixed this with some White Fire and ran eight miles and worked three hours in the garden. Not for those who wish to chill, I could run a marathon on these two strains mixed.

  3. sceesred

    Great strain for writers. The ideas come in a flood. Keep a pad handy! Love it.

  4. ddvhbc

    Didnt like this at all gave me a headache alsonmad me anxious and was harsh on my throat everyone i know says positive things bout this stain but its not for me sorry

  5. Kushboi_427

    If you can’t sleep this is definitely your go to! Maybe it was because I smoked this out of a zong but I took 2 hits and I swear I passed out less than an hour later and woke up the next day. This isn’t something I would smoke just to chill because it definitely put me on my ass.

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