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Blackberry Kush Vape Cartridge 1000mg comes in Hybrid, Indica-dominant Taste: Sweet & Pungent Blackberry Kush is a notable strain due to the sweet taste but the strong effects associated with Indica. The strong relaxation can be felt throughout the entire body and is often reported to be used for pain.



Blackberry Kush (1000mg)

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6 reviews for Blueberry Kush (1000mg)

  1. sMiloANDpOtis

    I love the taste. I’ve always been a fan of blueberries.. anyway I don’t feel that the high lasts long or is as strong as I thought it would be given my cartridge is 86% THC.

  2. fartysmoker

    vaped some of this right before I decided to give myself an at-home spa night. I was feeling very relaxed after my bath and putting lotion on my face and rubbing it in felt incredible. I had my eyes closed and I was imagining that I was about 18 years old. I felt so young and beautiful. Then I opened my eyes and I looked like a female Jim Breuer. it was scary and kind of ruined the high. I kept trying to make my eyes more open so I would look better but I couldn’t. I just went to bed

  3. Rockerika

    Bubbles of fruit carry me towards the heaven where I shall finally meet THC Jesus. If you are reading this you have been blessed by him, puff puff pass it on

  4. UnknownSoul69

    I dont know why but i was not a fan of blueberry og this batch around. But the crew at youngtown, thank you

  5. DefiantMonkey

    I feel like I’m wearing a hat. But I’m definitely not wearing a hat.

  6. fartysmoker

    While checking out a sudden abundance of different strains, I kept coming back to Blueberry. This is the nicest, cleanest, most friendly and consistent buzz i’ve ever had. No rough edges, friendly, no turning into an insecure alien that wants to hide under the bed, just a nice even “Hi! I’m Buzzy and you’ll be flying Air Blueberry today. Screw the seatbacks and seat trays … lets go for a nice ride!”

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