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The beloved offspring of two timeless classics, this freshly-picked tangy delight is an instant favorite by the first silky draw. Flavors: Citrus, Orange, Sweet.



ASCND – Tangie Dream Cartridge

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7 reviews for ASCND – Tangie Dream Cartridge

  1. flavaJay88

    24K, simply put, is … THE 💣💣!! Genetics are 2 of my favorites, and one of longest lasting medications, IMO. Good enough to earn 5 stars from me, so it must be top shelf! Having an awesome caregiver helps! My meds are always top shelf, high THC (20%+), which is important as I suffer from severe PTSD, Gastrointestinal pain, Bi- Polar, etc.. I’m from the Southwest, I am a licensed medical marijuana patient, this summer was my 1st grow ever! Growing alone is very therapeutic also! Follow my reviews my peeps! 1 love & Stay Medicated!

  2. PorkSoda

    it’s a beautiful high. I just got done smoking a blunt and it kicked in immediately. its definitely got a lil edginess too it which makes me love it even more. I feel creative and giggly. it’s also kinda a soothing experience too with some zen feel too it

  3. mont4no

    It’s a creeper! Took 10+ minutes before full effects became really noticeable. Extremely clear-headed and capable. The sativa raciness in your chest feels like juicy fruit (not the gum lol). It’s got a fizzy tingle; like seltzer water carbonation. Entire body’s noticeably relaxed and totally at ease. Strong, feel good medicative powers there. Very cool, zen-like head space. Starting to feel motivated and creative. Ease of focus and clarity make it great for working. Less a “gone” high and more of a distant one. Perfect for day use, getting stuff done, making art, and loving nature. Seriously, make an effort to go outside. You’ll be blown away by the inherent beauty of nature just like tripping on shrooms. Similarly, it’s not the most stable high, with some edginess that makes it feel like an adventure. Mostly uplifting and for a long time. A slight numbing helps lower social inhibitions while the shroomy emotional state connects you with people deeply. If any strain should have it’s flavor commended, it must be this one! It stupefyingly tastes like tangerines. Not oranges, not “citrus”, just straight motherfucking tangerines. Unbelievable.

  4. Dragonbits

    This has a really good smell and tastes like orange. It did not make me anxious or depressed. I love how it makes me focus and creativity.

  5. ZhouTembo

    Tangie is one of my favorites strains! it’s a fantastic sativa that will make you stripper productive at work or whatever you need the utmost focus in. HIGHLY recommend!

  6. weazal

    It’s hard to find a good sativa and it sure does it’s job very smooth high definitely recommend this strain

  7. Jordanjg99

    Fully functional and productive high takes a while to feel but the taste makes it worth the wait.

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