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Citrus  |  Lemon  |  Earthy

Sweet citrus bliss with a nutty chestnut twist.



Amnesia Haze (500mg)

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6 reviews for Buy Amnesia Haze (500mg) Online

  1. csaoh

    This is an uplifting smoke, with sativa effects that arent too energetic, chatty or on edge. A calmer more pleasant smoke with a nice lemon sherbet, citrus and lime scent and taste. A smooth light smoke, not too harsh, didn’t give me couch lock nor too sleepy, with an all over body buzz

  2. Dimedude

    Para os amantes brasileiros de maconha, aqui vai a minha review: Como é sativa, ela é indicada para fumar de dia, antes de dormir eu não recomendo, Fumei e senti vontade de limpar toda a casa HAHA Em grandes quantidades ela chega a ser Psicodélica, digo, efeitos levemente parecidos do famoso LSD Gosto realmente é citrico com leves toques herbais Não é a minha favorita, mas recomendo

  3. Biancachoco

    The high was fine at first but after some time it got a bit overwhelming for me. I started to get paranoia, anxiety and just wanted the high to end. However, this might be bc I have adhd and might give me a different high than with someone who doesn’t.

  4. chloe_smokes

    easy to smoke, hits quick, lasts long, smells amazing and the high is great. u laugh a lot but you’re still calm and chill. absolutely loved it

  5. ARTailor8

    I am evaluating the Amnesia Haze from GreenHouse Centrum in Amsterdam. Initial visualization: foxtailed Sativa buds extremely light green and coated in yellowish crystals. Smell: Citrusy, slightly creamy, Hazey, nutty. Definitely a strain that attracts Connoisseurs, Sommeliers and those with a more experienced palate for or affinity for complex Cannabis flower terpene profiles. Taste: heavenly. You know you are smoking some potent bud aside from the fact that this bud is so sticky and keefy, it jams up standard grinders, or it did when I was in Amsterdam this past December. That lingering, ‘THC’ potency feeling you feel some seconds after exhaling when smoking some concentrated flowers? That’s what you feel with each hit of this. Effects: there is a big notion in Amsterdam of avoiding Indicas in the morning and sticking to Sativas. Well, I can tell you right now: you smoke this in the morning, you may be stuck. It is STRONG (aside from, ‘Pure Kush’, this is the strongest strain I smoked of GreenHouse Coffeeshops while there). Definitely a strain to share/show to colleagues, friends and other fellow Connoisseurs and Sommeliers. Overall: my mouth still waters for this flower bud every time I think of it. I give this strain the highest recommendation possible. Yeah, there’s a reason it is as popular as it is and has been for as long as it has been in the Dutch Coffeeshop scene. Would I buy it again? By the kilogram. Recommend to Connoisseurs and Sommeliers? Absolutely. Highly recommended. Recommend to first-timers and inexperienced consumers? Yes. Definitely a good experience to open your eyes to the world of Cannabis!

  6. Franksimilia

    A great strain. the smell is a composition of lemons,easy smoke without any coughing. Intensive, yet mellow cerebral high, makes u smile like an happy idiot for at least two hours. Definitely a social smoke, but not as up-lifting as other haze strains, so you wont regret smoking before bedtime.

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